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Track and Secure your packages with a Package Tracking Solution

Today’s cost-conscious managers must continually assess non-core facility support processes to identify areas that can achieve significant cost savings through automation. The receiving and internal delivery of corporate and inter-campus mail and packages continues to surface as a strong candidate for optimization through the application of new mobility technologies. Corporations, government agencies, and universities alike are discovering that implementing a mobile enterprise mail and package tracking solution can realize operational benefits exceeding 300% return on investment over the first two years.
Secure the “Last Mile” with Proof-of-Delivery
On premises package tracking is one of the most requested facilities management applications today. Shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS continue to drive acceptance of signature- assured POD for all package delivery service levels. Demand has increased for mobile computing based systems which extend the secure POD visibility into the “last mile” of the in-building delivery chain, ensuring that packages reach the final recipient in a timely, secure and measurable manner.

Corporations, universities, nonprofits, and governmental agencies face daunting campus/facilities logistical management challenges. Mail room and central receiving managers must not only manage deliveries down the hall and between floors, but among distant facilities and regional, national and international office locations. In this global economy, a single shipment of documents or parcels between an enterprise’s facilities may involve many delivery agents including mail center staff, other employees, messengers, courier services and domestic and foreign carriers. In such a system, opportunities abound for packages to be misplaced or delayed once they enter a facility, and for costs to skyrocket.
Reduce Lost Packages
Research shows that depending on organization size and correspondence volume, at least 2% to 2.5% of all mail is either misplaced or subjected to an in-house delivery delay. This increases to 3% for any operation that has more than one site. These percentages may sound small; however, in terms of lost potential information or business they highlight a serious problem. For an entity receiving up to 100 pieces of mail per day, about 600 are either delayed or misplaced annually. If just 10% of these mail pieces are customer-related, an organization will miss 60 opportunities for potential revenue, contracts, payments, customer inquiries and/or satisfaction.

Over the course of a year, a typical receiving department or mail room devotes substantial person- hours searching for lost parcels, fielding frantic phone calls, and managing stacks of receiving logs. Besides wasting time, these and other inefficient activities represent a significant drain on your organization’s resources. Internal customers, those who depend on the timely, accurate delivery of critical information, payments and supplies are also affected. Dealing with lost, misdirected, or delayed packages, diverts them from their primary responsibilities.
Track and Secure Your Packages
Organizations simply must be able to track the delivery of packages, parcels, mail, and valuable documents, and electronically capture a proof-of-delivery signature; however, global expansion, new security initiatives, new carriers, and expectations of immediate access to information have set new standards. Fortunately, the new generation of enterprise mail management solutions provides the tools that managers need to optimize efficiency and provide exceptional service to their internal and external customers.
Benefits of a Package Tracking Solution:

Accountability with accurate chain-of-custody proof-of-delivery (POD) 
Reduction in “lost” packages
Increase overall efficiency in operations
Decrease in operational costs 

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