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Track Your Oil and Gas Equipment Digitally

Track Your Oil and Gas Equipment Digitally

How to Track Oil and Gas Equipment and Inventory Digitally

In the oil and gas industry, many companies continue to rely on manual, paper-based, or spreadsheet-based tracking of their parts, equipment and inventory. But in an increasingly competitive market—where supply chains need to be as accurate, efficient and cost-effective as possible—these outdated methods are no longer sustainable.

Slow and cumbersome tracking processes not only slow down supply chain management and replenishment, but also create delays and headaches when inventory isn’t accurate, and the right parts or equipment aren’t available for repairs, replacement or new pipeline and infrastructure projects.

This is why many energy sector companies are turning to digital tracking solutions to eliminate these problems. By using software and barcoding technologies to automatically track their mission-critical assets, they’re able to eliminate the delays, inaccuracies, and time-consuming searches that previously plagued their operations.

One way they’re doing this is by using Zebra barcoding and RFID technologies, which allow them to label or tag and track all of their parts, equipment, meters and other assets digitally.

How Zebra Tracking Technologies Digitize Inventory and Asset Management

Zebra barcode label and RFID printers print labels and tags that are applied to any item they need to track, and those barcodes or RFID tags can be scanned and read with Zebra barcode scanners, RFID readers or industrial handheld mobile computers.

These data capture technologies scan and read the right data and match it with corresponding part or asset data that’s stored in inventory management software that runs on a mobile device or computer. Instead of manually tracking items and inventory with paper forms, spreadsheets or other slow and error-prone processes, Zebra’s technologies capture and track the right information automatically with digital scans and workflows.

In the warehouse, in the meter lab, out in the lay-down yard, or anywhere in the field, a worker can simply scan a barcode and then enter or update an asset’s quantity, inspection or maintenance status, or other information. And it all happens with a couple of taps on a rugged mobile computer or tablet. The software does the rest for you automatically and updates stock levels, part numbers, locations, replenishment needs, and re-ordering.

You don’t even need an Internet or wireless cell connection to capture your inventory and asset data because most inventory and asset management software has an offline feature that allows you to scan and update asset information and then do batch updates of your main system once you have a connection. Your software will typically have a desktop computer version as well, so you can access the same functionality, inventory info, and reports from a desktop PC.

Once you’re collecting and tracking the right data, you can use your software to search for specific inventory, instantly see its location, see how much is in stock, see trends and reports, and manage your supply chain far more efficiently and accurately. In many cases, we’ve seen companies achieve as much as 99% inventory accuracy, save hundreds and thousands of hours of labor, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs by switching to digital inventory and asset tracking.

What’s Needed to Start Tracking Your Inventory and Assets Digitally

You don’t need to be a computer whiz or technology expert to get started with digital inventory and asset management. You can also take your first steps affordably, with solutions as simple as a barcode label printer, handheld mobile computer, and a software license, which can cost as little as a few hundred dollars each.

Zebra data capture solutions and most software solutions make it affordable and extremely simple because they’re designed for everyone, including budget-conscious businesses and absolute beginners. They’re designed to be as user-friendly as possible with virtually no learning curve, and Zebra’s hardware is world-renowned for its rugged and cost-saving durability, especially in tough industries such as oil and gas. You can also get turnkey solutions and expert assistance to help you implement digital inventory and asset tracking and management.

Our team at AB&R has helped hundreds of utilities, manufacturers, warehouses and other industrial operations create seamless digital supply chain management, and we work closely with Zebra and other third-party partners to provide solutions that fit your specific business needs and processes.

We regularly work with clients who are brand new to digital tracking systems, and our experts can guide you along the way and even set up, design, deploy, and support a turnkey system for your operations. We can help you evaluate your options, choose the best solution for your operations, and then get everything up and running, including worker training and maintenance of your system over the long haul.

To learn more and explore the possibilities, connect with us now to set up a call or an on-site visit and consultation. We’d be happy to answer your questions, show you a demo of what’s possible with digital inventory and asset management, and recommend potential steps and solutions for your business. Call us now at 800-281-3056 or send us a quick email, and let’s talk about how we can help you.

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