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Tracking Mobile Assets — Via Mobile

Wireless connectivity outside of a cell phone provider’s 4g range is becoming more and more common. The breadth of Wi-Fi connectivity covers restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and public entities more often than not across the nation. This widespread dispersal of internet capabilities has been the catalyst in the shift to the mobile workforce, allowing for mobile asset tracking – while mobile.
Mobile Asset Management
Mobile asset management is defined as managing availability and serviceability of assets used to move, store, secure, protect and control inventory within the enterprise and along the supply chain or in conjunction with service providing. In any supply chain of manufacturing and delivery, mobile assets play a huge role in the success of the company. The safety of manufacturing and transport, efficiency of tracking, and monitoring of data on the mobile assets a company owns can profoundly impact profitability.

A prime example of an industry that needs optimal asset management technology is the rental car industry. These companies are increasingly using asset tracking for their inventories to manage larger, more valuable equipment, prevent theft, and up efficiency of their supply chain. With an RFID asset management system in place, no cars will be lost, all company assets can be easily viewed, and data can be compiled and analyzed for improvement.
Tracking assets from your phone
As the assets of a company must go mobile more often, the technology to track said assets is going mobile as well. Mobile asset tracking, right off of smartphones, is a growing enterprise. There are mobile applications available that sync with asset tracking/management systems, allowing the user to view and update the status of an asset from their smartphone.

As telecommuting and other practices grow more prominent, the ability to utilize asset tracking on the go becomes imperative. With the rate of change and the upward trajectory of mobile technology’s involvement in business, mobile asset management is only going to expand.

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