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When The World Stops, We Keep Going.

When the world stops, the supply chain doesn’t get that luxury. Healthcare doesn’t get that luxury. Transportation and Logistics don’t get that luxury. But you are not alone. What you do get is a partner who is right there with you. One who is interested in making AIDC challenges smaller so you can get back to what you do best.

The Current Facts
There is extra pressure on manufacturing and the supply chain to keep essentials like labels in stock.  The demand is high and we have been seeing strain on availability. This is leading to longer than average lead times. The good news is that essential orders are being prioritized.
If you are an essential business that’s still operating and you need more scanners, mobile computers, or printers, we can help. Our team is dedicated to making this time one that is productive and as smooth as it can be. Please reach out to your sales person directly, or fill out the form at the bottom of this post if you need assistance.
Just this morning, April 16th, we received word from our partners at Zebra that their supply chain, including products manufactured in China, is back to regular production capacity. This means that they will be able to supply all their products, worldwide. There may still be transportation and importation restrictions in certain countries that could cause some lingering delays, but it is not related to the supply chain. Your AIDC needs will be met.

Actions You Can Take Today

Place your orders early
Double check shipping location accuracy before placing orders for the quickest and least expensive delivery
Set realistic lead time expectations with your teams

At AB&R we believe in making you better. We are here to help you do what you need efficiently and effectively. Lean on us for help, we’re here to support you.

How You Can Prepare For The Long Run
It is very likely that what we used to consider “normal” will not be what we return to. We foresee that the ability to track people, assets and inventory will be a valuable addition for many companies. Increased visibility potentially enables you to look back in time and see who or what assets an asymptomatic employee interacted with. That means you can take a strategic, targeted approach to stopping the spread, rather than the blanket tactics that impact the whole team.
As Sunil Chopra, the IBM Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems at Northwestern University, pointed out earlier this month, the typical problem companies face when trying to prepare their company for a shock is that preparation is expensive. Combine that with the fact that the disruption may never come and it is very difficult to get the buy in needed for change. In this case, however, recent events have proven just how valuable these types of tracking capabilities are. And the value isn’t in dollars alone. It’s in public health and safety, too. It’s in the peace of mind for everyone from upper management to the line worker in the field.

Things are very different than they were at the beginning of last quarter, there’s no doubt about it. And changes, especially large ones, are rarely easy. We hope that our open lines of communication and continuous effort to keep things moving forward safely will help get us all through this uncertain period together.
A sincere thank you to all of the frontline workers that are keeping things going. Our towns, states, countries – the world – needs you. When you need us, we’re here.



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