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Why Maintenance Plans are Worth It

Why Maintenance Plans are Worth It

When you invest in something valuable – say a car or a home – you would never skip on a protection plan. You want to make sure it lasts for a long time. Plus, knowing you’re protected if the unexpected happens helps you sleep better at night. Why would protecting your hardware with a maintenance plan be any different?

Sure, a barcode printer is nowhere near as valuable as your car on its own. But it is part of a suite of hardware that keeps your business up and running, workers productive, and your customers happy. When you have a busy business, there’s no time for unexpected downtime. That’s where a maintenance plan comes into play. In fact, here are a few reasons to invest in the maintenance plan.

Maintenance Plans Can Save You Money (And a Lot of It)
We’re sure you you’ve heard this before but hear us out for one second. Let’s go back to our example of a barcode printer. There are two printer parts that you’ll have to replace frequently: the rollers and the belt. Without a plan, you pay for the parts themselves, and you will also have to pay for the labor it takes to replace them.

This can end up costing you more than a maintenance plan would. Even though this plan is an added expense to you upfront, you won’t have to pay a dime for the parts that you will very likely have to replace, nor the installation labor costs. Your maintenance partners absorb that cost for you. That’s a smart investment.

They Improve Your Hardware’s Quality
A very little-known fact is you need to calibrate your printhead, and in some cases ribbon, to print labels properly. When these aren’t properly calibrated, it will print unreadable or blurry labels, slowing down the scanning process and forcing you to print a new label later. This will reduce your productivity and honestly, it’s a headache for everyone on your operations’ floor.

You might think that maintenance plans only cover extreme damage; however, most also cover calibration, in addition to other services like cleanings and adjustments that might not always be top-of-mind.

Maintenance Plans Prevent Device Downtime
Some people choose to cut out maintenance plans to save money on their hardware upfront; however, what they might not account for are the losses incurred when a device goes down.

Unplanned downtime can seriously hurt your business. You could lose critical access to your data and network for hours, costing you labor wage and productivity. Hardware maintenance plans include critical services like preventative maintenance, stopping potential problems before they start.

Peace of Mind

Just like you sleep better knowing your car or house is covered, you can rest assured knowing your hardware is protected. Whether you have a printer that needs regular repairs or a mobile computer that might never break down, you’re protected. Plus, under our service contracts, you can bring your hardware in at any time, even if it is functioning fine. We’ll give it the attention it needs to ensure it stays that way.

Next Steps
Whether you are interested in a maintenance plan or want to take advantage of your current benefits, drop us a line! We’d be happy to help you protect your hardware.