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Windows 10 IoT

The future is here with Windows 10 IoT.
The Internet of things (IoT) is more widely adopted every day. Because of its leadership in innovation, enterprises are becoming the top adapter for IoT – lowering operating costs, increasing productivity, and expanding to new markets or developing new product offerings. It brings new levels of productivity, reduces errors, and sets a new industry standard.

Windows 10 is the ideal platform for IoT, running on more than 200 million active devices today. It provides you with consistent device management and an approach to connectivity that allows you to transform your business.

Additionally, Windows 10 IoT is the most secure Windows to date. It helps you defend against security attacks and breaches that could compromise your business. Advanced anti-malware tools, leading disk encryption, and next-generation credential technology, assist in ensuring that your IoT has secure devices, data, and identities.

Windows is tailored to meet every specific requirement for your unique processes, providing you with three different editions of Windows 10 IoT.
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
This is the platform designed specifically for retail, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise runs an important line of business applications and performs specialized functions in a secure, reliable and streamlined way to support mission-critical devices.
Windows 10 IoT Mobile
Windows 10 IoT Mobile brings the full functionality of Windows 10 Mobile to the Internet of Things. That includes instant application access, native support for barcode scanning, as well as enhanced productivity for a variety of mobile scenarios.The Mobile Enterprise editions also offer capabilities such as ARM support, multiple user profiles, and superior lockdown to a wide range of industries.

It is the direct relative of Windows 10 Mobile OS 9, Built for handheld devices –  mobile computers and scanners to identify and sort inventory in the warehouse. It allows you to connect to barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, receipt printers, and more.
Windows 10 IoT Core
This system is for low-cost IoT devices. It is designed to power purpose-built devices like gateways that enable IoT solutions.

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