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Zebra Expands Buy-Back Program, Offers Refurbished Device Rentals

Rent High-Quality Devices from the Partner You Trust
Between unpredictable world events and shortages, there’s a lot of uncertainty right now. And as businesses play catchup from last year, it’s difficult to picture what the future will look like, let alone plan for it.

The same can be said for forecasting your technology needs. It’s challenging to create your long-term automation strategy when so much is changing. That’s why Zebra announced that it is offering a refurbished mobile device rental option. This new offering builds on its Device Buy-Back Program for refurbished devices. The program is designed to remove the risk and barriers to implementing new technology.

What is the Device Buy-Back Program?
The Device Buy-Back Program enables customers like you to sell your unused devices back to Zebra. The goal is to extend the product’s life through renting and purchasing. At the end of the device’s life, Zebra will recycle it.

You also have the option to purchase or rent these devices after they are refurbished. These devices come with all of the latest operating system and software, and a new battery. Even as an older device, these updated features ensure it runs like new.

How Companies Benefit from Device Rentals
As the semiconductor shortage rages on, manufacturers are increasing hardware prices to offset inflation. Purchasing or renting a refurbished device is lighter on your wallet and in some cases, may give you a greater return on investment than purchasing new equipment. You may want to consider the program if either of the following apply to you.

Test the Technology Before You Make a Commitment
There are many factors to consider when upgrading your technology. Because of this, it’s hard to tell how the upgrades will affect your business until you test it in your environment and use case. There’s also a matter of which one will work best for you.

The refurbished device program allows you to try different technologies in your environment before you fully commit to a rollout. Testing equipment helps you determine if upgrading makes sense for your business by uncovering what works and what doesn’t.

Alternatives for Out-of-Stock Hardware
Lead times and prices are increasing and have been since the start of the year. Due to the semiconductor shortage, manufacturers can’t get ahold of chips fast enough to meet demand. Similarly, there are shortages for the raw materials used to make your equipment.

Given these compounding issues, refurbished devices are another resource to tap into for your technology needs. If the latest model of your desired device is not available, an older form factor is an excellent substitute when you simply cannot wait for new hardware.

Next Steps
If you’re interested in renting or purchasing a refurbished device, we’d be happy to provide you more details and help you find the right one for your business.