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4 Ways Barcode Labels Can Help Your Business Go Green

Going green and being more eco-friendly is a priority for many businesses, but it’s not always easy—especially if you use barcode labels. Historically, barcode labels have been difficult or impossible to dispose of or recycle in sustainable ways. But all of that has changed with new eco-friendly label options from Zebra.

Zebra has developed an array of new labeling solutions and thermal printing supplies that will improve on your green scorecard, and here are four ways they help you go green:

1. Go linerless with your labels. Standard labels use silicone liners, which are non-recyclable and can’t be burned. But Zebra’s 8000D linerless direct thermal labels solve this problem with a silicone release top-coating and a special permanent acrylic adhesive that eliminate the need for a liner. No liner means more labels can fit on each roll, and there’s no waste you can’t recycle or burn. All you need is a linerless printer and the right supplies from Zebra.

2. Use dissolvable labels. Another big innovation is Zebra’s dissolvable labels, which are designed to dissipate when exposed to running water. The facestock disperses into paper shreds, the adhesive dissolves harmlessly away from the surface, and everything that can washed down a drain safely and sustainably.

3. Go BPA-Free, BPS-Free and Phenol-Free. Using paper labels that are made without BPA (Bisphenol A) and phenol chemicals creates two big benefits.

  • It’s safer for humans because exposure to these chemicals is known have possible links to multiple serious medical conditions, and disposal of these chemicals is known to greatly impact aquatic ecosystems.
  • It’s also a great way to reduce waste, since BPA-free paper labels such as Zebra’s Z-Perform 1000D labels are made from 15% recycled post-consumer waste.

4. Use recyclable synthetic labels. Sometimes you need synthetic labels for better resistance to moisture, chemicals or extreme temperatures. But synthetic materials aren’t always recyclable. That’s why Zebra developed its Poly-E polyethylene labels, which use a specially formulated facestock and adhesive, so you can safely and sustainably recycle your labels alongside shrink wrap or polyethylene bubble mailers.

Learn More and Explore Eco-Friendly Zebra Labels

Download Our Flyer to learn more about Zebra eco-friendly labels and then contact our experts at AB&R to explore more labeling options that are best to help you go green.