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Rugged Devices

Your challenging business environment requires that you have a rugged device. There are many devices out there that will provide the durability and enterprise tools you need to increase your productivity. We’ve selected to review the differences between two devices that have been tested and proven in the field.

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Happy Holidays
AB&R offices will be closed Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th in observance of Thanksgiving.

Improving Processes with Automation

Improved accuracy is a major benefit of automating process. Using a handheld computer application with pre-loaded customer information, equipment service histories, configuration settings and other information saves technicians time in the field.

Product Reviews – The MC9190 and CK70

We have paired up two rugged and well known mobile computers. See the similarities and differences with a side by side comparison of both products.

Section 179 – Tax Deduction is Back!

Getting to know the AB&R Team

Paula Mitchell

Paula Mitchell is a Customer Service Representative at AB&R. She has been working with AB&R clients for over 11 years supporting the business development team to achieve successful business outcomes. Paula enjoys being outdoors and spending time hiking and camping.

Question: What is your favorite TV Show?
Answer: The Walking Dead

  Supply Chain Facts

   Thanksgiving Supply Chain Facts

  • 1500 miles is the average distance food travels from farm to table.*
  • 254 million turkeys raised in the U.S. with 46 million raised in Minnesota.^
  • ​$2.375 billion spent on Thanksgiving Dinner in the U.S.+

Sources: *World Business, ^U.S. Census Bureau, +Statistics Brain

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