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Accuviti™ by AB&R


Searching for mission-critical materials and items is stressful, especially when your fleet is working against the clock to prevent and address power outages. And sometimes, you may not even have the tools they need because you do not know what’s in your inventory. But there is a solution that enables your workers to find the right equipment fast and with accuracy.

The solution is Accuviti by AB&R and Zebra’s rugged mobile devices.


Zebra’s rugged tablets and mobile computers keep your field workers engaged throughout their shift, with all their mission-critical data right at their fingertips. Plus, with a rugged frame, they can handle the inevitable drops and tumbles in the field.


  • Barcode scanning and RFID reading capabilities
  • Integrates with Enterprise Asset Management systems such as IBM Maximo
  • Store and forward capabilities
  • Simple inventory search functions
  • Built on Android Operating Systems

Accuviti is a material handling software solution that provides real-time visibility into your operations, unlocking the critical data required to make informed decisions. It also conveniently integrates into Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems such as IBM Maximo, significantly reducing data-entry time and human error.

Accuviti and Zebra’s suite of rugged devices make it easy for your field workers to record assets and inventory right at your laydown yards. All they have to do is scan a barcode or read an RFID tag, and Accuviti records that data right into Maximo. Store and forward capabilities allow your team to use the application in the field, the app will store the changes and update your business system when the device reconnects to secure wifi. This convenient feature helps you keep track of your critical items while improving data accuracy and worker productivity.

In addition to simplifying cycle counts, Accuviti helps you track your inventory at every stage, from when you receive it to when it is shipped out.


Do you have questions about how Accuviti will work for you? Our experts are standing by to answer them.