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Boost Your Manufacturing Efficiency, Quality and Cost Control with an Arizona Partner.

As your local partner, AB&R will help you automate and mobilize your processes plant-wide and identify, track, and manage your inventory and assets with Zebra’s game-changing solutions.


Create Mobile Workforce Efficiency.

Mobilize and digitize your workflows for better efficiency with less manual labor, time and cost.

Increase High-Quality Output.

Automate your processes and visual inspections with fixed industrial scanners and machine vision sensors.

Automate Your Tracking and Locating.

Enable real-time manufacturing traceability and inventory accuracy with RFID readers, antennas, and tags.

Maximize Your Technology Uptime.

Keep your processes running smoothly with timely hardware maintenance, servicing, and repair.

Local Experts to Solve Your Toughest Manufacturing Challenges.

Since 1980, AB&R has helped leading manufacturers drive supply chain productivity and efficiency. Our local experts can design a barcode and RFID solution to meet your every need, whether you want to mobilize your workforce or identify, track, and manage your inventory and assets cost-effectively.

Featured AB&R Productivity-Boosting Solutions

RFID Solutions

Automated tracking and locating for real-time insights into materials, components, and inventory.

  • Complete traceability with identification and tracking of inbound material, work-in-process and finished goods
  • Technology to complete inventory counts in minutes or hours rather than days
  • Seamless automated tracking to end time-consuming searches for assets and inventory
  • Identification and traceability to enable digital quality assurance, quarantine, and control


Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Sensors

Automated scanning and visual inspection to boost high-quality manufacturing output

  • Machine-driven track-and-trace for parts, assemblies, subassemblies, packaging, and more
  • Automated visual inspections and process step verification to boost manufacturing quality, and accuracy
  • High-speed counting, sorting, and routing, plus support for sophisticated robotic applications
  • High-speed capture of 1D/2D barcodes, DPMs, OCR text, and images
  • Easy integration with flexibility and support for all major industrial communication protocols
  • One simple yet powerful hardware and software platform for fixed scanning and machine vision


Local Technology Servicing and Repair

Local on-site maintenance, troubleshooting, service, and repair from certified technology specialists

  • Rapid response in as little as a few hours, with no waiting for emails or callbacks
  • Everything needed to handle any issue, including replacement parts if needed
  • 24/7 support options and convenient service plans to meet virtually any need
  • Printer supplies replenishment options to keep your printing processes running uninterrupted


Featured Zebra Product Solutions

MC9300 Mobile Computer

Ultra-fast Android touch computing and scanning with a traditional keypad

  • Large Android touchscreen for more efficient workflows
  • Pistol-grip scanning of barcodes and DPMs from 3 inches to 70feet away
  • Waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and tumble-proof durability

TC7x Mobile Computer

The ultimate rugged enterprise mobile computer for indoor or outdoor use

  • Android touchscreen interface for faster workflows with less training
  • Octa-core processing plus maximum Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speed, range, and capacity
  • Fast and reliable barcode and document capture with PRZM Intelligent Imaging
  • 5G/4G and support for multiple carriers with complete cellular network flexibility

TC8300 Touch Mobile Computer

14% more productivity with 40% faster data entry and 60% fewer errors

  • Android touchscreen for faster, simpler, and easier workflows
  • Faster, longer-range Wi-Fi andBluetooth with octa-core processing
  • Triple-shift battery power

ET4x Rugged Tablets

Durable enterprise-grade tablet computing and scanning at a lower cost

  • Octa-core processor and 8GB RAM for fast mobile computing
  • Sixth-generation Wi-Fi and 5G capabilities for ultra-fast communication
  • Built-in data capture with your choice of three enterprise-class scanners
  • Military-grade drop-proof, tumble-proof durability plus IP65-rated sealing

Mobile Printers and Wearable Devices

Hands-free innovative technologies for better workforce efficiency and accuracy

  • Unrivaled computing, printing, and scanning performance, anywhere you need it
  • Easy and reliable integration with business systems and mobile apps
  • Wearable corded and cordless ring scanners for ergonomic scanning
  • Rugged headsets for voice-enabled and voice-directed high-efficiency workflows

Call on Your Local Barcode and RFID Experts To Solve Your Manufacturing

Schedule a call with our team to explore the best recommendations to achieve your performance goals.


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