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Barcode Scanners

Master the art of scanning with our top-of-the-line barcode scanners

Barcode scanners from AB&R® range from many styles including; Handheld, USB, Industrial, Bluetooth, Portable, and more. We carry all types of scanners from 1D to 2D and feature just a short list of our top products below.

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2D barcodes have made their way to your Point of Sale, appearing on everything from the items your customers are purchasing to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards. Your 1D scanner can’t capture the new 2D codes, leading
Manufacturers and warehouses are facing increased pressures to deliver more: People want their products, and they want them fast. Leverage the DS3600-KD Ultra-Rugged Scanner to meet the demand. This scanner is virtually
The DS4208 delivers the blazing speed typical of laser scanners on both 1D and 2D bar codes, allowing you to accommodate 2D bar codes without sacrificing scanning quality or performance. Users never need to take time to align the bar
The Motorola DS6707 reads 1D, 2D, or PDF417 barcodes providing true point-and-shoot barcode capture. The DS6707 has 360-degree omnidirectional scanning with a wide range and laser aiming pattern. The DS6707 capabilities allow for
Optional hands-free presentation cradle enables additional advanced data capture capabilities, including signatures, images of documents such as driver’s licenses and insurance cards, photographs, OCR for the capture of printed
The checkout stand is the last chance you have to leave shoppers with a good impression. The quality of the checkout experience is heavily dependent upon the performance of the scanner you choose. Now, you can leave every shopper with
The DS9900 Series delivers the ultimate customer experience at the checkout stand: short lines, a speedy transaction and attentive service. You can scan it all: whether it is a 1D or 2D barcode, or with the RFID-compatible model, even
GRANIT 1980I/81I
The Granit™ 1980i (wired) and 1981i (wireless) area-imaging scanners are capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes from 15 cm (6 in) to 15 m (50 ft). These scanners are packed with technologies that make them easy to use and take the
The Granit™ XP 1991iXR is ready for your rugged environment. Able to withstand 10 feet drops, the Granit XP is perfect to use on the loading docks, forklifts, or pickup trucks. Thanks to its advanced imaging technology and
VOYAGER 1200G/1202G
The Voyager 1200g Scanner is a laser barcode scanner delivering superior performance with the capabilities to scan all linear
XENON 1900G/1902
Honeywell’s Xenon 1902 wireless area-imaging scanner offers industry-leading performance. This hand-held scanner offers a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that ensures maximum uptime as well as three focal options for


The AutoCube™ 8200 Fixed Dimensioning Solution uses advanced 3D depth-sensing technology to measure the dimensions of an object instantly and with extreme precision. This enables parcel companies and distribution centers to grow
Deliver excellent customer experience and boost efficiency with the Honeywell Genesis XP 7680g, a flexible presentation scanner. Its adjustable stand and hands-free scanning make it easy to tailor to your workers’ preferences.