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Common Repairs, Parts, & Service

Mobile Computer: Common Repairs, Parts, & Service

Common Repairs, Parts, & ServiceLet’s look at the example of Common Repairs, Parts, & Service for the Mobile Handheld Device:
  • Replacement Stylus
  • Backup Battery
  • Screen Replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement
Average total $1,100 – $1,500

These costs are common repairs, parts, & service for mobile computers and does not include costs for shipping or downtime while the product is being fixed and returned.

When a mobile computer is covered by standard SmartCare our fee includes everything except abuse and accessories.

Printers: Common Repairs, Parts, & Service

Common Repairs, Parts, & ServiceWhen you purchase a SmartCare Coverage Plan your annual savings on maintenance and repairs will add up quickly.

Let’s look at the example of simple PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE:
  • Cleaning
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Belt replacement
Average total $450-$500

These costs are simply an average 1-time preventative maintenance that is included in AB&R SmartCare and does not account for any problems over the life of the product.

These costs are only the direct costs. Take into account the costs and downtime when shipping the product to be fixed and returned.

When a printer is covered by standard SmartCare our fee includes preventative maintenance AND everything except abuse and print head replacement.

Learn more about Common Repairs, Parts, & Service and How AB&R’s Repair Services can help your business save time, money, and resources.

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