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Compliance Labels


The case for a standard barcode is simple: you need your barcode to work.

By working with a company that’s a GS1 US Solution Partner, you can rest assured that your barcode and unique numbers will be accepted by most major retailers and distributors around the globe. And since barcodes are used on virtually everything in all industries, a standard barcode is highly recommended.

Unique Device Identification (UDI) is a compliance initiative from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designed to help mark and identify medical devices in the healthcare supply chain. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to help facilitate patient safety and bring efficiencies within the medical field.

To learn more about UDI compliance and how it impacts you, check out the links below for more information.

GS1 Standards

Steps for a Successful UDI Compliance

Label Compliance: What you need to know

Compliance and Nutritional Labeling Solutions

GHS Compliance

In June 2018, AB&R® officially became a GS1 US Solution Partner to support the adoption, enablement, and implementation of GS1 Standards. This partnership allows us to improve how companies across the country store and transfer data by using the standards developed by GS1.

Ever wonder what the barcode has done for you? Check out the video that explains how barcode standards have impacted all aspects of your life.

About GS1
In 1973, industry leaders selected a single standard for product identification known as a GS1 barcode. Today, that same standard is still used across the globe.[1]

The Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) is a community-based forum of businesses working together to develop standards-based solutions. GS1 is a participant of GSMP and plans an important role in the development of standards-based solutions for the supply chain. Implementing a GS1 standard or guideline involves a 4-step consensus-driven process to ensure all members of the GSMP community has the opportunity to review and approve each deliverable.







Not sure what labels you need?

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Asset labels and tags

Durable materials to withstand extreme temperatures. Aggressive adhesives for varying profiles including engineered polymers, aluminum, wood, plastics, and steel.

Serial and Rating Plate Labels

Eliminate lead time with an on-demand printing of serialized rating plates. Available in varying types of metalized polyester durable for electrical equipment.


Rack Bin Barcode Labels

Applications: Rack Bin Location Labeling, Shelf Bin Location Labeling, Cover-up Labels, Colored-Tier Identification, Totem or Multi-Level, Magnet, Directional Arrows, Cold Storage Facilities, Labels exposed to chemicals, cleaning fluids, Harsh environments. More

Vertical Rack Bin Labels

Applications: Rack Bin Location Labeling, Shelf Bin Location Labeling, 2 Dimensional Barcodes, Colored-Tier Identification, Magnet, Mounted on Placards, Directional Arrows, Cold Storage Facilities.

Pallet ID, Case ID, LPN Labels

High-Speed variable imaging labels to produce your short or long run Pallet ID-Case ID-LPN.

  • Features and Applications include: Pallet ID, Case ID, 2D Barcodes, Corner Wrap designs, removable and repositionable adhesives, freezer or frozen adhesives for application temps to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, Food & Cold Storage facilities, Color Coding, Company Logos, Auto-apply, Rolls – Fan-Fold – Sheets. More

Tote Labels

Polyester Face Stock with heavy coat weight adhesive. You choose the proper overlaminate to protect your label. A wide variety of laminates are available. Whether it is a Matte or Gloss Finish, has UV protective properties or perhaps a Lexan©, we will assist you in choosing the right combination of materials to ensure you realize years of continuous use.

  • Sizes: Choose a traditional 4 x 2 size, or select a format from our extensive die inventory.
  • Imaging: If it is a simple barcode or perhaps you want to incorporate a company logo, multi-color, and all common barcode symbologies. More

Hanging Warehouse Barcode Signs

Durable, Low Cost, and Easy to Install. Scanning capabilities from 5 feet to over 50 feet, these signs are designed to be mounted in out-of-the-way locations (close to ceilings or on walls). Retro-reflective materials can allow forklift operators to scan without leaving the vehicle. Applications and Features include Retro-Reflective, Staging Area, Bulk storage area, Scan capabilities from 50+ feet, 2D Barcodes, and custom designed bends or angles. More

Aisle and Dock Door Signs

Applications and Features include Many sizes for indoors and out, end cap mounts, cube signs, flat hanging signs, and custom designed bends or angles. More

Warehouse Floor Labels

Applications and Features include Aluminum frames, oval designs, Polycarbonate Overlay, Kits that include all hardware, and pre-printed or print-your-own. More



Anesthesia Medication Labels & Tape

Blood Labels

Color Coded Labels

Pharmacy Labels

Patient ID Wristbands


Engineered to withstand the harsh environment of laboratories, our labels withstand xylene, alcohol, and extreme temperatures.

  • Chemistry
  • Cryogenic Storage
  • Cytopathology
  • Drug Discovery
  • Hematology
  • Histology
  • Microbiology
  • Research
  • Virology

Conical, Tube, and Vial

Glassware and container

Slide Label

In-Stock and Same Day Shipping

AB&R® offers many types of labels in-stock and many are available for same-day shipping. Choose from our product catalog of all different types of sizes, colors, materials from blank to pre-printed. Request a pre-printed label quote.

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