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Providing the latest technologies is critical to empowering students and delivering outstanding quality in private education. Zebra solutions, from American Barcode and RFID, make it easy and affordable to keep your school at the head of the class in connectivity, security, and efficiency. We deliver wireless technologies that are engineered with the power, intelligence, and scalability to meet growing needs and future demand.

The Three Pillars of Technology for Leading Private Schools

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  1. Reliable, high-speed wireless networking for unmatched campus connectivity and mobile device support
  2. Smart ID cards for unparalleled campus security and seamless transactions and cashless payments
  3. RFID-enabled asset tracking and management to protect technology assets and prevent damage and loss

Simple and Cost-effective Solutions to Keep Your School Ahead

With advanced solutions such as wireless networking, smart ID cards, and radio frequency identification, it is simpler and more cost-effective than ever for your school to establish and maintain technology leadership.

Zebra products enable reliable, high-speed wireless networking for increased connectivity and mobile device support, ID cards to maximize campus security and provide seamless transactions, and asset tracking and management that can save you thousands of dollars per year in losses and damage. Whether you choose to integrate or upgrade one of these technologies or leverage all three, we can help you decide the best options for your school and make the right choices to deliver outstanding educational outcomes and create an unrivaled hi-tech campus community.

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At AB&R (American Barcode and RFID), we’re experts in technology solutions for private schools, with a focus on wireless networking, ID cards and printers, RFID tags and readers, and software applications in all of these areas. We’d be happy to provide free expert consultation to help you understand the latest trends in wireless technology and how schools are using it create safer, smarter, and more connected communities that are unequaled in private education.[hr]


 Admin IconSchool Administrators:

“Summary Q&A for School Administrators”

Learn how the latest, next generation technologies can transform your private school into an ideal wireless campus.

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IT iconSchool IT Staff:

“Summary Q&A Recommendations for the Latest Wireless School Solutions”

Find out more about the technological advantages of WiNG WLAN, including features, technical specs, and benefits for your private school.

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