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Is your current wireless slow, non-responsive, or was it installed over a year ago? Density or bandwidth issues bringing your business to a halt?
Let AB&R help you.

For a limited time and while supplies last, AB&R is giving away a Free Access Point (AP) to anyone that requests a Predictive Survey.*

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Predictive Survey

A Predictive survey is a virtual survey (no on-site visit) of your site or a facility that uses pertinent information about the site to plan the wireless network. Predictive surveys are used as an initial guide with a high level investigative look into how many AP’s are needed and the location of the AP’s for best signal strength and coverage. Using company information such as square footage, ceiling height, rack locations, and a drawing of the building a predictive survey can be delivered with confidence.

What you get from AB&R  How you start
  • Complimentary Predictive Survey with Heat Map Design to estimate Access Point Requirements.
  • Calculate the Wi-Fi supported data rates that can be expected throughout the premises.
  • Antenna’s and other wireless equipment needed to support the design.
  • 30 Day free trial of Aruba’s Cloud Central WLAN Management Suite.
  • No Cost and No Strings Attached
  • Submit a scale drawing of your facility (.pdf, .jpg, or .png format)
  • Facility details: Square footage, Ceiling height, Construction type
  • Let us know the requested Wireless Coverage area
  • AB&R will return your Predictive site survey within 5 working days
  • We will have a solution engineer respond to you to review your survey
  • You keep the Access Point

For more information download the PDF

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*Restrictions Apply. One Access Point Per Company. AB&R reserves the right to deny and refuse unqualified requests.