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Fixed Mount, Free-Standing, and HandheldsHigh Speed Barcode Scanners

These high-speed barcode scanners deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process. Offering the ability to enable products to be made at higher speed, without defects and at a lower cost. For quality control and compliance, the vision sensors provide consistency with repeat-ability, superior accuracy, and minimal setup time.

DataMan High speed barcode scannersBarcode Scanners for challenging environments

• Achieve high read rates
• Simplify installation in tight spaces
• Reduce installation time and cost of ownership
• Easy set up with tune and trigger buttons



Download the Specific Application Guides for your Industry

Logistics Application Guide
Electronics Application Guide
Food & Beverage Application Guide
Pharmaceutical Applications Guide

Features of Fixed Mount High Speed Barcode Scanners

Features of Handheld High Speed Barcode Scanners

Proprietary Cognex software algorithms give the DataMan barcode readers unmatched code reading performance: