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AB&R’s newsletter includes information on how to improve your bottom line with asset tracking, mobile device management information, support for your applications and infrastructure, and more.

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Keep projects on track with our solution assessments

An SRDS is a comprehensive research and design tool that results in the creation of a baseline document outlining the steps, procedures, risks, and deliverables associated with a defined scope of work.Many projects are commenced with little or no real preparation in developing programs and processes that will ultimately resolve expressed needs and implied ramifications to the business environment.

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Proven and Efficient Supply Chain Solutions

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Keep your data secure with Lifecycle Management

Our lifecycle management services help you effectively utilize your resources and get the most out of your assets. Whether it’s an initial deployment, device refresh or asset disposal…our dedicate team is there with you every step of the way. Our secure process will ensure your existing devices are properly recycled and keeping important company (and customer) data safe. 

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Our top tier infrastructure can support your applications

From cloud computing to custom apps, let us support your business software.AB&R employs a team of dedicated professionals to meet your hosting needs. With our top-tier infrastructure and custom solutions, we can provide you personalized service at a cost you can afford. Our data center employs state of the art power backups, low risk location and state of the art security.

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Getting started with mobile device management

More businesses than ever before are finding themselves in a position where they need to figure out a way to fully embrace mobile device use that goes beyond their executive and sales teams. In a sense IT teams are being forced into this transition. Many people have completely incorporated smartphones and tablets into their daily lives. For many reasons transition is due to operating systems from Apple and Google.

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