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Package Tracking


AB&R® uses the latest barcode tracking software, mobile computing hardware and package shipping software to monitor and control the flow of inbound, outbound and internal tangible objects — mail, packages/parcels, property, files, deliveries, shipments or people — as they enter, exit and move through a facility. Designed for rugged, real-world applications, features include intuitive user interfaces, simple hand-held data collection devices, intelligent routing and sorting, proactive email notification, signature capture, desktop shipping and in-depth reporting. It allows any user to track (and ship) any object, and monitor distribution, anywhere within your facility; yet it’s flexible enough to adapt to the way your business already works.


  • Scales with your needs. Whether you have 1 building and 100 employees or 200 buildings and 100,000 employees. Start small and increase your system as you need to. You can host the software yourself or we can host it for you.
  • The system is easy to deploy, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks.
  • Works with many popular Mobile Business Devices, setup and installation is a breeze.
  • Keep your organizations’ shipping data secure over a wireless network using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols.


  • Easily track every package in your facility
  • Manage multiple locations and buildings
  • Simple hand held data collection
  • In-depth reporting tools
  • Package Delivery notifications