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Did you know that industry studies show that the average distribution center loses 3,000 hours in unproductive time per year? Imagine if you could optimize worker productivity and get those lost hours back. The CK65 mobile computer can help accelerate and error-proof work in distribution centers and warehouses, while providing an easy path for users migrating from legacy Windows® operating systems to Android™.


  • The longest lifecycle in the industry – with support from Android O through Android R, plus additional security updates after Google’s last patch, so you can protect your CK65 mobile computer from any cyberthreats.
  • Built on Mobility Edge™, an integrated hardware and software platform that lowers certification, deployment, and support costs and ensures application portability across all devices in the Mobility Edge family.
  • Designed for tough warehouse and manufacturing environments, with an ultra-rugged design that survives multiple 2.4 m (8 ft) drops to concrete over the full temperature range, and an IP64 rating against dust and rain.
  • Let your workers use the data input method that is most comfortable for them, with both a keypad (alphanumeric or numeric with functional keys) and a full touchscreen. The large 4 in WVGA display has 2.3 times higher resolution for easier reading and more efficiency.
  • Every time a mobile device battery needs swapping, your distribution center experiences downtime and lost productivity. Luckily, with 28 hours (7000 mAh) of battery life, the CK65 mobile computer supports three shifts on one charge, and workers can change the battery without rebooting the device – reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.
  • World-class Honeywell imaging technology with scan read ranges of 40 mm to 964 mm standard (6 in to 50 ft) for warehouse environments; an optional scan handle allows easy switching between handheld and pistol grip operations.