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The CT30 XP Enterprise Mobile Computer

The CT30 XP Enterprise Mobile Computer is an all-purpose, ergonomic, and rugged business tool, providing frontline mobile workers with ultra-reliable data access and communications. Based on the Mobility Edge Platform, the CT30 XP is a mobile computer you can rely on, with built-in maximum security measures, optimized performance, and longer product life. Combined with Smart Talk, Operational Intelligence, and Smart Pay contactless payment, this product excels in the healthcare and delivery space. When your business requires a reliable enterprise mobile computer, the CT30 XP is ready for action.


  • Built for the Mobility Edge Platform, providing a longer product life, superior security, optimized performance, and faster deployments
  • Elegant, sleek and light-weight design that also delivers durability and manageability
  • Runs Wi-Fi 6, providing a better user experience with top connection reliability
  • Innovative FlexRange scanning technology enables accurate, long-range scans without sacrificing speed or ergonomics
  • Available in easy-to-clean, patient-friendly healthcare SKUs
  • Has an extensive accessory suite