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Mark Display

The ergonomic wearable scanner with a screen. MARK Display provides workers with a more efficient way of streamlining information between devices, scanners, and different systems. This lightweight durable scanner will enhance picking, sorting, and sequence processing by effectively display information that is needed to complete tasks. By connecting to other devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), this wearable device can show information to workers from anywhere in the warehouse, while saving time.

The MARK Display will improve a worker’s performance by providing essential data and audio, optic, and haptic feedback. This data can be relayed to areas throughout the warehouse instantly. The 1.54” e-paper display will decrease eye strain, which in turn will help reduce error rates by about 33%. MARK Display, the ergonomic wearable scanner with a display, will easily improve your operations today.


  • Rugged durability
  • Lightweight, wearable scanner – 10x lighter than average scanners!
  • Hand wrap and full glove designs available
  • Ergonomic design
  • Optic and haptic feedback for loud environments
  • 1′ – 5′ read range