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TC53/TC58 Mobile Computer

Meet the TC53 and TC58 – the first members of Zebra’s latest mobile computer generation designed to do more. From better sensor technology to new hardware, these mobile computers unlock a new world of possibilities and productivity. Using their advanced imaging technology, you can accurately measure parcel dimensions. The TC53 and TC58 are equipped with the latest in Wi-Fi technology, such as Wi-Fi 6E and CBRS. Unlock a new level of mobility with the TC53 and TC58 by Zebra.


  • Virtually instant response times in even the most demanding applications thanks to class-leading processing power, memory and storage.
  • Fastest speeds with Wi-Fi 6E and 5G, with support for CBRS private LTE networks.
  • Advanced indoor/outdoor-ready display that recognizes glove and stylus touch.
  • Unmatched battery technology that powers a full shift.
  • Three microphones, two speakers and wireless & wired headsets enable for better collaboration.
  • Ultra-high resolution photos and intelligent video capabilities, making it easy to capture detailed document proof of condition and delivery, and measure parcel dimensions