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Temperature Scanning Solution

Our Temperature Scanning Solutions allow employers to ensure their employees’ and visitors’ safety and health with thermal imagery technology. Each reading measures over 1,000 points across the individual’s head and face for a precise reading in 1-2 seconds. With Dual-Lens and a VL camera, the Temperature Screening can read faces both in the dark and bright light settings while providing accurate data. The device can be set to a specific high-temperature threshold and require a mask for entry to the building to ensure that employees follow current guidelines.

After each screening, the tablet displays the worker’s temperature, name, ID number, and whether they have passed or failed the scan. If the scan detects that they are not wearing a mask or have exceeded the acceptable temperature range, the device can alert with an alarm relay, strobe light, email, text message, label printers, and more. The information from each scan gets logged and stored for administrative use.

These Temperature Screening Solution allow both employers and workers to enter a safe environment that meets the requirements and CDC guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.


  • Contact-Free Device
  • Facial Recognition
  • Mask Detection
  • WIFI Enabled
  • Multiple Interface Options: USB, Ethernet, Wigan Input/Output

  • User Authentication
  • Read Range Of Up To 8 Feet
  • Accurate Temperature Scan Up To 0.6F
  • Dual Lens & VL Camera