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RFID Parking System

RFID parking management solutions are designed to efficiently control the entrance and exit gates of parking facilities within a wide range of read distances and access speeds. Some RFID parking systems implement single gate readers, while others utilize multiple gate readers and access speeds from about 6 mph to 100 mph.

The most notable benefit of RFID parking management solutions is that vehicles can be permitted to enter or exit the parking facility without human intervention. In other words, instead of swiping an ID card or pushing numbers on a keypad, all one has to do is simply approach the gate, where RFID readers will authenticate the vehicle and allow it to pass through. This eliminates the need for parking attendants and avoids having to inconvenience drivers, especially those who are too short to reach the card swiper or keypad from where they are sitting and, therefore, must routinely get out of the vehicle to make the gate open. RFID parking systems of this nature are already in use by transportation departments to make traveling on toll roads more efficient (e.g., EZPass).

As the vehicle enters or leaves, Ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID readers can identify a windshield tag from about 8 feet to 30 feet away at speeds of up to 100 mph, depending on the types of readers and RFID tags, and whether the system uses a single gate or multiple gates. Single gates tend to be used in areas where security is not a major concern, and vehicles will be passing through at low speed. Multiple gates may be required in high-security areas and/or areas where high-speed entrance may occur.
RFID parking management solutions are ideal for municipal parking, airport parking, gated communities, university and college parking, and more.