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No other RFID Starter Kit Like this!

Try RFID in your environment today with AB&R’s RFID Starter Kit!


Our RFID Bundle has everything you need to start tracking assets in your business. Your starter kit will include a HandHeld RFID Reader, Pre-encoded RFID Tags, Software Install and Support. All for the cost of the Handheld Reader!

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RFID Starter Kit


RFID Starter Kit – $3,995rfid-asset-starter-kit-small ($8,383 Value)
Reader, Cradle, & USB CableMC3190-Z RFIDMSRP $3,838

  • 1 MC3190Z Mobile handheld RFID reader
  • All cradles, cables, power supplies to support the mobile device
Software AssetWorx for RFID

MSRP $2,495

  • Software preloaded on the handheld reader
  • AssetWorx! software limited to 50 assets – Single User- 1 concurrent user and 1 wireless mobile handheld unit
 TagsRFID Tag$250 Value

  • 50 EPC Gen 2 tag combination kit designed for various substrate types
  • Pre-programmed RFID Tags for trouble-free startup
$1,800 Value

  • Supporting documentation, Toll Free Support, and a Web based training video

*This bundle includes a limited number of 50 assets. When you reach your allotted 50 asset tags, all you have to do is purchase the software license, additional tags and handhelds as needed.
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