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How Manufacturers are Saving Money with RFID Technology

The benefits and return on investment from RFID do not apply solely to the distribution phase of the supply chain. Manufacturers across the world are turning to RFID technology to track their assets in the manufacturing process. This can provide real time data

“Smart Wi-Fi” in Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations

Case Study: Kawaski Motors
Paul Kramer from Kawasaki Motors in Lincoln, Nebraska discussed their experience with Wi-Fi and the obstacles they needed to overcome to make it a useful business tool for their manufacturing and warehousing operation

Get the Most
Out of Your Printer:
Quality Assurance and Preventive Maintenance

A consistent print quality, as well as an extended print head life are both achieved with regular cleaning, media management, sampling and replacement of aging parts

Realizing the
Challenges for Today’s Warehouse Managers

In an effort to continue exploring how warehouse managers can become more effective, Foxfire conducted a survey asking its contact base of warehouse management professionals to identify major concerns and trends they currently see in the warehousing industry

AB&R Announces Partnership with Ruckus Wireless

Superior Wi-Fi performance in warehouses and supply chain operations.

Getting to know the AB&R Team

Brian Krueger

Brian is a Regional Account Manager at American Barcode & RFID. He has worked at AB&R for 7 years. He specializes in Wireless Infrastructure, Workforce Identification and Tracking Systems, Automated Field Sales/Service and, Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions. Brian enjoys playing golf and softball in his free time.

Question: What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?
Answer: Skydiving.


Brian’s Blog

    Supply Chain Facts

     June 26, 1974 – The first barcode scanned was on a ten pack of Juicy
Fruit gum in Troy, Ohio.
Source: FORTUNE Magazine
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