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Personnel Tracking Solutions

Do you know where your employees are?

Whether you’re a mid-size business or a national corporation, you share the same goal: ensuring the safety and security of your employees.

Over the years, AB&R®’s RFID solutions for personnel tracking have provided numerous benefits for companies looking to increase the safety of their facility, monitor employee productivity, and design emergency preparedness procedures in the event of an incident. Additionally, our tracking solutions help event planners and sports venues with RFID personnel tracking to create a unique experience for attendees


With AB&R®’s RFID personnel tracking solutions, you can manage employee productivity with ease. By using RFID employee ID cards, you can easily track when your employees start and end their shift, eliminating the need for time clocks. What’s more, RFID can be used for employee and asset tracking using solutions like automated locker systems. These help track when and where equipment is being used.

RFID enables you to take the guesswork out of tracking. We customize solutions to the needs of your business and environment, building from these technological components:

  • RFID Tags – These tags may be embedded in employee ID badges.
  • RFID Readers – Readers are mounted at exits and designated mustering locations.
  • Software – This organized the data, allowing you to see where your employees are located.

Unlike GPS tracking, which can track items via global positioning, RFID is only effective when tags are in range of RFID readers. This means that personnel, employees or event attendees will not be tracked with this technology once they leave the RFID-enabled area.

Many technology leaders started offering their own proximity-based contact tracing systems. Learn more about those here.


Our RFID personnel tracking goes beyond the workplace by providing solutions for sporting events, concerts, and corporate shows. If you’ve ever attended an event, you likely received an event badge or ID that you still hang on to. With our solutions and the enhanced ZC10L Card Printer with RFID, ID badges serve multiple purposes. For event organizers, they become a strategic tool. These enable the ability to track attendees throughout an event to identify high traffic areas, popular breakout sessions etc. For the attendees, they serve the standard identification purpose, but also become a keepsake post-event.

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