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We’ve put together this brief technology buying guide: Managed Services to assist you in your decision making through your managed service discovery.  Be it paying for support on faulty products, or renting asset tracking systems, managed services are vital to maintaining a healthy, hands-on relationship between AB&R and the customer. We provide services like advanced replacement, break-fix support, both on-site and at our own facilities, and deployment and labeling services.

Managed services provided by AB&R even include the implementation and management of an RFID system. Companies can pay monthly to have American Barcode run their asset tracking systems, rather than paying a larger fee up front for implementing their own system. The company saves money by trusting AB&R to run and maintain the asset management system more quickly and efficiently than the company could on their own. This provides a faster return on investment for the company and gives us the ability to ensure the success of an RFID system.

Determining the type of services that are right for your company takes analysis and critical thinking. The overall value of the company, the number and value of assets, the size of the company, and more are major factors in determining what services a company needs. In deciding whether to run an asset management system with or without the help of American Barcode, the customer should have an IT Asset Manager present, having discussed with the COO or CEO, and having made an educated decision.
Advanced Replacement
Our goal is to ascertain that any company who hires our services goes as little time as possible with a faulty or broken product. The fix for any defect is either to overnight a working product to the customer, or in the instance that hot spares (extra units) are on site, the customer can ship a broken product in to be fixed and we overnight the hot spare to the customer.

American Barcode & RFID provides a huge quantity of barcode scanner and printer systems to the AFC (American Food Company). When a system breaks, they simply send us an email, we send a refurbished product, and they send the faulty one. Our services aim to make the lives of our customers as easy as possible and to allow the use of our products with as little hassle as possible.
Break-Fix Support
On-site or at our own facilities, AB&R services include break-fix support, taking apart and fixing a broken product. We manage sending broken products to the manufacturer for repair, and for less severe scenarios, we make repairs on site or in the facility. On-site, for example, a hotel with a label printer malfunction can call, and a repairman will be sent to the location to solve the problem. For products that cannot be fixed on site, they can be sent to our offices and repaired, so long as it does not violate contracts for manufacturers or warranties, then returned to the customer.
Deployment and Labeling
The customer can hire AB&R’s managed services, forming a contract in which the customer pays for our printing services per usage, but can use them at any time. Printing possibilities include labels, coupons, wristbands, card printers, and more. The company gets unlimited usage of the printer, preventative maintenance, and maintenance/service whenever anything goes wrong, but they only have to pay for the cost of printing itself.

Deployment of equipment is equal, optimized, and pre-configured at every location for a business. Our managed services of deploying and maintaining high-functioning equipment take the work out of specialized printing, making it a regular charge and nothing more.

With managed services, a company can spend less time worrying about trivial faults in hardware that are bound to happen, and more time bettering their business. With one less thing to worry about, there’s always room for one more thing to improve.