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In need of a reliable standalone printing system, a leading international financial services provider centered in Canada came to AB&R for a solution. Employing a field of over 83,000 employees, the company has a wide range of services and products, of which includes personal, commercial, corporate and investment banking to over 21 million customers around the world. Their core purpose is to ensure that with their services, customers are ultimately better off financially.


The current application for printing cards was not only inefficient and not conductive to attracting customers, but it was costing the company almost $10 for every card ordered per account, regardless of whether it was personalized or blank. The company had to pay for two cards for every customer – one for blank card for temporary use, and a personalized card to be picked up later – doubling costs and causing inconvenience to the customer. The company was in need of an application that allows for easy customization and production of cards, and at a much lower cost.

The Solution

The American Barcode and RFID Stand Alone Card Printing System was designed exclusively for the company and its subsidiaries. This specific software was built to run on the company’s internal secure network. These are just some of a few managed printing and application services that are provided through AB&R. We propose using a small netbook dedicated solely to the printer, a Zebra P100, with a connection via USB. The computer will be completely dedicated to the application running the printer, which means that normal functionality of the computer is rendered useless. There is a way to exit the application for troubleshooting reasons, but otherwise, the computer is used specifically for the printing purposes.

The program will have videos preloaded onto it, showing step by step how to print a card, load a ribbon, clean a printer, and more. These videos will yield higher efficiency and employees that are more knowledgeable about their equipment.

Admins, when on the computer, have a wider breadth of abilities. They can view history (what was printed, by who, and when), manage users, update the program via USB, backup data via USB, restore data, and delete data. These administrative functions are beneficial for ensuring an optimal usage of the program in sync with the printer.


Once the program specifically designed for the company has been written, it can be configured for a specific netbook or computer that will hook up to their printer. The company needs to be trained on how to use the custom program and the printer itself, but with the help of training videos, and the expertise of AB&R, it is an easy hardware to master. After the program has been put on the computer and integrated with the printer, and employees have been trained to use it, implementation is complete.

Benefits Seen Today

As an international banking company with strong global reach, they were highly pleased with the application and the benefits associated with it. It has deployed across the globe, written in multiple languages, and in use from Trinidad and Tobago to Jamaica. The cards are ultimately faster to make with the new software, and the printing system allows for lower costs of only one card. Saving on blank cards on focusing on personalized ones give the customer and the company immediate savings. The sales of new cards only fosters the customer’s involvement with the bank, further demonstrating the extreme benefits of the new software and its associated Zebra printing systems.

No longer must the company create two cards for every one customer, effectively cutting their costs in half with every card, and making the transaction easier for the customer. This means more customers with cards, and more business for the bank. Even then, there are savings in labor and storage of useless cards, adding to the benefits of the new software and new printing system.

American Barcode and RFID’s ability to customize its services to fit any company’s needs make it stand out as the optimal software provider for efficient card printing systems. For more information on AB&R’s printing options, see our Print on Demand solutions.