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The Internet of Things in Transportation & Logistics
IoT Means Moving from Manual to Digital
The Internet of Things (IoT) and the use of mobile technology in the enterprise are paving the way for better quality business intelligence. By leveraging your business’ data with IoT-enabled technologies and devices your overall supply chain will be more productive.

IoT in T&L are realizing these benefits:

100% Shipping and Receiving Accuracy
99.5% Inventory Accuracy
30% Faster Order Processing
30% Reduction in Labor Costs

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Increase Real-Time Visibility
To better understand your processes and improve operations to increase productivity takes visibility. This visibility into your organization is achievable with the right systems in place. With the IoT, the connection of your enterprise devices to your employees and the ability to collect/capture data and filter it all back to your software and database can get you the visibility you need in real-time to make smarter, faster, and pro-active decisions. Mobile technologies for the transportation and logistics businesses include RFID tags, readers, handheld devices, scanners, and mobile computers and they are working together to maximize supply chain efficiency.
Improvements in Accuracy in the Warehouse and Yard Management
Enterprises can give their physical assets a digital-voice with IoT-enabled devices that track inventory data, equipment, and vehicles. Transportation and Logistics warehouses are doing just that by using the cloud to transmit information digitally which allows them to see that the right products are in the right place at the right time.

Time intensive and manual tasks within the Yard causes errors which can lead to a string of additional problems. By implementing RFID systems to automate asset tracking and enabling more machine-to-machine information sharing your business will greatly reduce the common yard gate congestion, product shrinkage wasted fuel and lost time.
Reducing Downtime and Optimizing Performance of Your Fleet
In Transportation and Logistics, the maintenance schedule of your fleet is an important factor in your business. Making sure your vehicles are being serviced on a regular basis will keep downtime to a minimum. Your fleet is a critical asset and having the visibility into the performance of these assets with RFID systems, scanners, and mobile computers can keep your fleet moving.

Capturing and collecting data by field technicians will help your business to make informed decisions around allocation of time and resources. Additionally, tracking and monitoring equipment in the field will increase the security of assets. With IoT, your company will have the insight remotely to facilitate need-based responses.

Beyond traditional fleet management, new technology allows us to connect our vehicles to our devices and back to our business systems. Keeping your workers connected at all times for visibility into where your fleet is, the route, speed, performance along with the goods or assets within the vehicle are just a few ways t & l companies are increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and improving safety.
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