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Watch the High-Speed Barcode Reader as these DVD ID labels travel on a conveyor belt.

Featured Customer Success Story: Netflix, USADataMan® high-speed barcode readers from Cognex are used to read barcodes on DVD returns at the rate of 3,600 mailers per hour! Paul Johnson, Director of Operations Support, Netflix Inc. stated, “Since go-live, this project has exceeded our expectations in all areas. Having automation to check that the correct disc is in the right sleeve has had a measureable impact on our customer satisfaction. The reliability of the DataMan has been excellent…”

These high-speed barcode readers are optimized with patented algorithms for the highest read rates (99.9%) in the most challenging DPM (Direct Part Mark) and label-based identification applications. Laser scanners cannot provide the high read rates you require for today’s manufacturing environments.
Other advantages over laser scanner technology include:
• Omnidirectional code reading
• Multiple code reading
• Extreme perspective code reading
• Damaged, poorly printed or barcodes with quiet zone violations
Download the Specific Application Guides for your Industry
– Logistics Application Guide
– Electronics Application Guide
– Food & Beverage Application Guide
– Pharmaceutical Applications Guide

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