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Information Technology or IT is the use of computers and software to manage information. In some companies, this is called Management Information Services (MIS), or just Information Services (IS). The IT department of a large company is responsible for storing information as necessary, then later retrieving it when needed.
Today’s IT Departments
In order to perform the complex functions that modern IT departments are required to perform they need to use computers, servers, database management systems and cryptography. The department is made up of several System Administrators, Database Administrators and at least one Information Technology Manager. The whole group usually reports to the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
Why outsource IT if your employees are handling it just fine?
When it comes to your company’s technology, your current employees may be handling things without a problem. However, the question is will they be able to handle things in the future. You need to consider how much time your employees are spending with tech issues, instead of focusing on their own jobs. You also need to realize that technology is constantly changing from year to year. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to stay on top of the latest advancements in IT and to train your employees.
Main reason to outsource IT
The main reason for outsourcing your company’s IT is cost. Outsourcing can help save a company money in the form of not having to hire additional employees, not having to increase the hours your employees are currently working and not having to buy new software with every advancement. Outsourcing can also provide better productivity and allow you to supply your customers with a better and more efficient product or service.
What is the cost savings for outsourcing IT
Cost savings benefits will differ for every company. The expected Return on Investment (ROI) is 30%, on average in cost reductions and increased productivity. It takes time to solve technical problems. Time that your employees can use to focus on the operation of the company and the goals to increase operations.
Will you lose control of the IT department if you outsource?
For business owners that prefer to have regular involvement in every area of their company, outsourcing their IT department may make them initially feel like they have lost control over the company’s operations. However, this doesn’t have to be the result of outsourcing. An owner can choose to receive regular updates and have input into the process and decision making. Outsourcing will free up the owner to focus more on the operations of the company and the long term direction of the business.
Importance of Cloud Computing and Storage
Cloud computing and storage has become increasingly popular in the last few years offering several possible business applications. This is another area where it is better and more efficient to outsource your IT department because even though Cloud Computing makes a business more effective and efficient it isn’t an easy process to implement.
Complete Integration
It is no longer enough for a Major Service Provider (MSP) to only provide one basic service. Along with the expectations of a partnership when it comes to long-term goals, integrating a process is now also a requirement. The latest trends of outsourcing in vertical integration means that one department will manage everything. This makes an MSP an excellent option. All business services need to work together in sync, ensuring your company never has to worry about who is in charge of which area.

Business computer services are now held to a higher standard, one that requires an IT department to be more conscience of the future. Businesses now require more complex service that cover all aspects of the company and follows an international standard.
The future of IT
In a world where the economy works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where business transactions move at the speed of light, efficiency is the most prized commodity. Today businesses want to do more with less. The future of IT is a focus in a more mobile and tech-savvy business environment.
Choosing the right IT partner
When looking for the best IT partner for your business make sure you ask about how the IT Services provider plans to measure its success. Your IT partner should have specific goals to fulfill your company’s needs. A good IT Support provider will already have an accountability plan of their own in place.

More and more companies are outsourcing their IT needs and this will continue to increase in the future, which makes this an ever evolving field that will continue to be a part of most businesses. With this in mind you owe it to your business to give IT outsourcing serious thought.

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