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Background & Challenge
Sunstate Equipment Co., a regional equipment rental provider that has offices in 9 states is currently using a “Mobile Device” application to allow dispatchers to schedule daily equipment deliveries to various customers and job sites. Using “Soti Mobi Control” and AB&R® personnel we are able to update this their application with a few clicks of a mouse.  Their application also relies on GPS data coming from Soti in order to schedule drivers based on where they are at the moment.
Sunstate is using AB&R’s® Mobile Device Management for dispatch & delivery services to keep their deployment of over 300 devices up and running and their delivery drivers productive with little or no need for their own IT resources.

AB&R® support personnel are able to pull up driver’s devices real time over AT&T and Verizon networks for support and troubleshooting.  Devices no longer have to be sent back in when problems with the application or device occur. Driver downtime due to technology has  decreased 10 fold.

GPS is also in use which helps dispatchers identify which of their drivers are closest for unscheduled deliveries.

Application and OS updates are now managed from AB&R® eliminating the need to ship devices around when updates are released. This also maximizes driver productivity making sure that everyone is on the latest most bug free release of software.


Less delivery production down time
On time delivery of product increased
Less internal support required
Field unit’s downtime significantly decreased
GPS tracking of drivers, used to assign the closest resource for emergency orders
Less driver down time, drivers don’t need to wait for dispatch for their next assignment
Savings in Gas and vehicle wear and tear


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