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When your business needs to invest in Equipment
Having state-of-the art equipment throughout your facility can help you to maintain high levels of efficiency, but can lead to extremely high costs. How can you know if it is the right time to invest?

Analyze your business processes for any problems
Assess how your equipment is impacting operations
Review the functionality: include speed, optimal efficiency, frequency of malfunctions, amount of downtime for reboots, timeouts, or repairs

Your equipment must align with your business plans. If you find your productivity and efficiency is being affected, it could be costing you more money over the long run than an investment in new equipment, upgrade, or update.
We’re here to help answer any questions you may have for your equipment refresh. Contact an AB&R specialist 800-281-3056.
Identify What Type of Refresh
New or Upgrade
Regardless if your business is looking to upgrade or start with new equipment, review our Top 10 Steps to assist you in narrowing down your equipment selection before making your investment. We have a wide variety of Mobile Computers, Scanners, Printers, and Devices to meet your business needs. We’re here to help you with any questions. AB&R Specialists offer expert recommendations on new devices to replace the old and the devices that offer the capabilities required to get your work done efficiently.
Not looking to fully replace your equipment? Technology is one of the fastest, most powerful – and most cost effective – ways to upgrade your operational performance. Improve and extend the life of your current equipment by updating software with the most recent versions that integrate with your current system, optimize performance, and increase overall productivity.
For additional discounts and savings ask us about our Trade-in Programs

Empower Your Workforce with AB&R’s Equipment Refresh Products, Services, & Solutions

Hands-Free Devices
Ultra Rugged Devices
Wearable Devices
RFID-ready Devices
iOS & Android
System & Software Updates
Preventative Maintenance  & Service Level Agreements
Device Management & Monitoring

Looking for additional help? No Problem.
Schedule an on-site assessment to evaluate your business processes and equipment performance.

For additional assistance on Equipment Refresh for your business, Contact Us or Call 800-281-3056