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Doing more with less is today’s standard. Worldwide, people have settled into new routines. Some of these routines and processes will last longer than others.

Even as our workforces shrink, we are expected to accomplish the same amount as we were pre-pandemic. Some solutions can make today’s work more accessible, more efficient, more accurate, and traceable. The beauty of it is, these solutions can help today and will position you well even after the pandemic.

Automation through Barcode Labeling
When it comes to automating your inventory and asset data, barcode technology remains the place to begin. If you are not labeling items with barcodes to identify, track, and manage, this would be your first tactical play. Often companies are compelled to take the first step into barcode labeling to become more efficient, accurate, and can tap into superior traceability.

Remember when you had a couple extra helping hands onsite or the spare time to input information, track inventory, or manage assets manually? Those days are gone. And we predict that they aren’t coming back. There is a crunch to make systems and processes as efficient as possible without sacrificing quality if possible. Barcode labeling takes manual data entry or pen and paper processes to the next level.

One of our customers was able to shrink “what previously was a four-week manual process [into one that] is now completed in 3 days” with an AB&R solution. Barcode labeling requires fewer resources and less time to accomplish the same tasks. So your workforce can be as efficient as possible and quickly move onto their next assignment.

Manually entering data takes time, attention to detail wand is always subject to our old friend – human error. Using scanners can help. They take that murky, error prone piece out of the equation. These devices come packed with technologies that make them easy to use and take the guesswork out of scanning at extended ranges, making them a great tool in warehouses and transportation & logistics environments. We can help you identify the right one that fits your environment and workforce needs.

While some regulations have eased during the pandemic, the need for traceability remains strong. Some may argue it’s more crucial than ever.

In distribution centers, or your shipping and receiving department, tracing where a package was, who handled it, when it shipped out, and where it is en route is crucial. Not just for your internal operations, but in securing customer satisfaction. With the data collected by labels and AIDC devices, you can confidently address customer concerns about shipments and provide accurate, timely information.

In the food industry, traceability has become a vital part of consumer, and company, safety. The power to identify where a batch of food came from, down to the lot, empowers companies to act quickly and effectively if a recall is ever needed. Chipotle is an excellent example of a company that has adopted traceability with the help of GS1. “Our Food with Integrity mission is the foundation for all of our business practices, and traceability supports that mission by helping to create a more transparent supply chain.” — Jason Von Rohr, Executive Director of Supply Chain, Chipotle. This transparent supply chain mitigates the risk to consumers, which is vitally important, especially these days.

The Next Level for Labeling Compliance
There are still ways to make work more efficient, easier even, if your industry has already adopted this kind of automation. For those in Transportation & Logistics, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Shipping & Distribution Centers, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive Parts Suppliers, regulations for non-compliance can be costly headaches.

There is an all in one solution that will keep you from wasting small labels because your printer can’t sufficiently print without alignment error. Stops you from accidentally using inadequate tags. With the PX940V all-in-one printer and verifier, you will never have to tolerate label errors to get things done quickly. 

The ability to pivot, automate more, and make timely processes more efficient is critical these days. We are in a compression chamber in business. Plans that were years out are happening in months, sometimes even weeks. After we collectively curb the pandemic, our team anticipates the reliance on automation will compound. After all, if it makes your company more efficient, accurate, and improves visibility through traceability, doesn’t that ultimately benefit your workers? And your customers? We believe it does. We believe it makes you better.

If you need to restock your AIDC basics (labels, printers, scanners) or want to talk about how you can improve processes to help you today, and in the future, our experts are ready to help. Give us a call or fill out the secure form below. We’re the barcode and RFID experts, so you don’t have to be.