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GHS Pictograms

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is well-underway of transforming businesses that handle hazardous chemicals. The deadline to train employees on the new standard was December 1, 2013.
Are you behind?
GHS Timeline
Does your business work with dangerous chemicals?
For manufacturers and distribution facilities, most answer yes. If you have not begun the process of organizing, preparing, and training employees for GHS you do not want to continue to delay. It’s important to get started to avoid bottlenecks in production.

For some of us we may answer no before we realize there may be a need for GHS and employee training. For example, if your organization purchases in bulk and re-bottles chemicals in smaller containers it is required by the GHS standard to have all secondary bottles labeled to the new GHS standard.
6 Elements to the GHS Label Format:

1. Signal Word is found above the Symbols (Pictograms)

2. Pictograms. The symbols have now been standardized worldwide to lessen the amount of confusion and reduce the trade barriers that chemical labeling produced with the varying symbols from country to country.

     – Symbols can NOT be blank, meaning there must be the correct amount of red diamonds no more and no less than the chemical requires.

3. Product Name or Identifiers

4. Hazard Statements

5. Precautionary Statements

6. Manufacturer Information

OSHA has identified that non-compliance can lead to penalties at a maximum of $7,000 per violation and $70,000 for a repeated violation. –

Taking the steps to GHS compliance:

Develop a written Hazard Communication plan
Inventory all hazardous chemicals
Establish and maintain a complete library of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Label all containers, pipes and tanks
Train your workforce

Solutions to Support GHS
GHS Label Printers – There are several options for GHS Label Printers depending on your organizations specific needs.

Pre-made GHS Labels – As an expert in printing solutions and supplies, AB&R can provide your organization with pre-printed labels for all of your primary and secondary chemicals.

GHS Training Kits – AB&R works with partners to provide the best information, training, and solutions available. We offer GHS Training kits, onsite and remote training based on the needs of your organization.

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