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Mobility is to pass along these benefits:
Offer greater flexibility in the field, on the road, in tough environments in and outside of your company.

Give the power to your team with a reduction of time for training and adoption.

Increase the productivity of your entire operations.

Proactive remote management of all devices.
We call it future-proofing your business.
Whether your business is seeking on-the-go or in the field technology for printing, scanning, or device management there are products to fit the requirements you need and give you the intelligence to make informed decisions and a path to scale or migrate. Planning for the future starts now.

Mobility Infographic: Click to Download

Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS end of life
2020 is just on the horizon and with Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS to go end of life, it’s best to start your future-planning now.
The business path to Android
Android has a footprint in industrial, commercial, and business applications now more than ever. More and more companies are structuring their business technologies around the capabilities provided by Android. Android has been improving applications for business with frequent OS releases that continually enhance features for business use, and your industry is taking notice. The leading manufacturers of mobile devices such as mobile computers, scanners, rugged touch-screen devices, fixed devices, and printers are all being purposely-built with the Android ecosystem.

What does it take to move to Android?
The 2G/3G conversation
Have you heard about this or even thought about the impacts for the 2G/3G LTE networks? GMS and CDMA networks are being shut down, and WAN users will have to migrate to support LTE. Don’t get caught by surprise, review your carrier agreements and WAN requirements today to start putting an action plan in place to move to LTE or Android.

Side note: There are technological advancements for those of you interested in voice. The VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is available on rugged devices to support voice services.
IoT & Visibility Services for Mobility
IoT is no longer that acronym that was simply trendy. We now see the effects of connecting everything: mobile devices, IoT endpoints, apps, and back-office systems. When everything is connected, the integration, analytics, and intelligence help you reinvent your business to meet the challenges of tomorrow. It keeps your workers working, builds your apps faster, and makes it easy to secure and manage your mobile devices.
Watch this short video on Visibility Services

Can you answer these questions?

Do you know where all your devices are?
Are your devices ready for use?
Are they being charged every day?
How are they being utilized/underutilized?
Have they been out of contact? If so, why?
Are they communicating with the network?
Are batteries performing per your business needs?
Do you know how many devices are in the repair depot?
Do you know the status of your open technical support case?

Visibility services can help you to manage your devices with confidence.
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