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Some of the most challenging work environments, such as warehouses, hospitals and retailers, are also places where communications and collaboration are critical.  Downtime and missteps caused by inadequate communication tools can significantly impact worker safety, patient outcomes, shopper experiences, and more.

Many frontline workers have multiple responsibilities and are stressed trying to accomplish all their tasks in a single shift. They’re often juggling numerous  devices and must often deal with disjointed workflows. And they’re operating in disconnected workplaces, with frequent gaps in communication, information and technology.

Too Many Apps, Too Many Devices
A recent survey found that more than three-quarters of respondents “constantly collaborate,” using an average of four communications apps. Some estimates suggest time spent navigating from app to app can add up to a total of 32 days of lost productivity over a year.

Multiple devices can be a critical issue, too. Workers often rely on a complicated mix of devices at warehouses and other industrial environments—including walkie-talkies, pagers, and, frequently, their own personal phones—to communicate with coworkers.

Issues with the devices themselves are also cost businesses big in time and money. Another survey found that U.S. office workers waste 22 minutes a day, on average, dealing with IT-related issues, a loss that totals more than 91 hours per year.

Close The Gaps and Reconnect Your Workforce
When workers must use multiple devices to access data and collaborate with coworkers, they’re wasting time switching from device to device.  And you’re wasting precious time, money and resources supporting a host of unnecessary devices.

So, how do you get rid of the disconnects and empower your workers with a fully connected platform? Zebra’s Workforce Connect application provides you with an easy way to marry all your voice and data communications into a single multi-functional device that enables your workers to do it all.

Locate your delivery fleet in real time, even reroute lost drivers or reassign drivers based on location. With Workforce Connect, you always know where your users are located. The optional GPS feature maps the real-time location of all your drivers, the direction their vehicles are traveling, and their availability for a call. You can now connect with specific contacts remotely with the simple touch of a button. In fact, you can easily manage your entire device fleet from anywhere.

Now, the answers healthcare workers need are at their fingertips. Staff can communicate with colleagues hands-free, with voice commands. They can also assign and manage tasks, ensure quick emergency response with priority calling and location sharing, locate equipment, and ensure patients get timely responses with nurse-call alerts sent directly to nurses’ devices.

Add value to customer interactions. You can empower retail associates by providing them with free-flowing information. Support your curbside pickup service by enabling customers to send texts that notify associates of their arrival. Send message alerts to nearby associates for customer assistance. And unify communications channels so workers can answer calls, messages and more from one device.

With Workforce Connect, workers can connect via secure voice, text and push to talk on a single secure device, helping them reach new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Next Steps
As a leader in providing secure enterprise wireless networks and mobility solutions, AB&R can help you implement Zebra Workforce Connect application to connect your workers over cellular and Wi-Fi networks.  We can have you up and running in a matter of days.