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The mobile industry is the most prominent it’s ever been, and at the same time, it’s the least prominent it ever will be again. In today’s realm of endless technological possibilities, it seems that virtually everything can be done via mobile. Video chat, music, movies, internet, talking, texting, and much more can be done on the standard smartphone (that just about everyone seems to have).

For modern businesses, the applications and possibilities for new mobile technologies are endless. New apps (which are being created by the thousands every day) will revolutionize the industry in due time.

No More Paper

Paperwork is infamous for being a dull task that only bogs up the day. The proverbial  “stacks of paperwork” can be eliminated with the use of new mobile applications.

GoFormz, a mobile application that allows the user to create customized forms, fill them out, and have the customer sign off on them, completely removing the paper trail. All money spent on the triplicate forms needed for every transaction can be diverted to more valuable purposes, because the application will automatically store the information in a database, and send necessary information to the customer electronically.

Aside from the immediate monetary savings provided by the removal of paper, going mobile also adds value to the company, minimizing mistakes, illegibility, and misplacements. Customer service improves, sales go up, and costs are cut.

Mobile Payment

Delivery and service to the home can move on from the “billing the customer afterward” phase of their lives. Mobile credit card swipe connectors can hook up to a tablet or even a smartphone, and payments can be made on the go by anyone with a credit card. Why does this help the company?

Ultimately, it boils down to efficiency. The transaction speed is cut to under a minute’s time, the company doesn’t have to send a billing statement after fact, and paper transaction records do not need to printed (saving more money).

Mobile GPS

The ROI on mobility, solely from analyzing current processes and bettering them to reach optimum efficiency, is enough to make a huge difference in a company’s productivity and profitability. Going mobile can make these decisions for you.

UPS, a company that naturally has to be efficient within the supply chain, and especially the transportation phase, was able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars with special customized mobile GPS software. It compiled routes to all their destinations with only right turns. Over the course of a year, implementing this strategy with all of their thousands of trucks, the payoff was monumental.

The transition to mobile seems like a clear decision. The company saves money, paper is not created when it is not necessary, and the customer gets an overall better experience. The mobile world is only going to grow.

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