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“All good things must come to an end.” 

– Unknown

The origins of this statement might be a mystery, but the message holds true; even with industrial printers. Production of the Xi4 and 105SL printers will end soon, but not without a new generation of printers to replace them. The incoming industrial printers are smarter, more user-friendly, productive, and reliable than ever before. And for a limited time, you can trade in your old devices for discounts on new ones. There’s no better time than now to get ahead of the curve with newly refreshed printers for your supply chain.
ZT600 Printers Replace the Xi4’s

The new ZT600 series printers are replacing the powerful Xi4 series. These ZT600s are designed for heavy industrial use, and now have custom features to make it very user-friendly. On the inside, this machine has a side-loading media and ribbon mechanism, lighted media pathway for easy loading, color touch points, and a cover open light for simple repairs in dark settings. On the outside, there’s a large color display with an icon-based user interface. They also have a host of other new features including higher-resolution printing, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, Link-OS and Dual USB host ports. The ZT600s are a must have if you’re looking for top-of-the-line quality and production.
ZT510 Printers Replace the 105SL’s

The 105SL’s are also getting a big upgrade in the new ZT510 industrial printers. These are the ideal economical, high-performance printers. The all-metal ZT510 printers provide reliable and durable printing for demanding applications. While it doesn’t have all the user-friendly features that the 600s have, it’s still a powerhouse. The major enhancements on this product include Link-OS, monochromatic icon-based user interface, Gigabit Ethernet, a modular cutter kit, and a USB host. If you’re in the manufacturing, transportation, or logistics field, then these printers are purposely-built for your requirements.

Learn more about our trade-in program or reserve your ZT510 & ZT600 printers today!