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Taking care of a printer is a lot like taking care of a car. To keep a car in good condition you have to change the oil, tune up the engine, clean the interior, rotate the tires, etc. Maintaining a printer requires the same kind of care and attention. You have to wipe down heating elements, dust off the insides, and replace parts as needed. A printer that is well maintained, much like a car, will have a longer life and cost you less.
Printhead Protection*

The printhead is the center of all the action inside the printer. It’s where the magic happens. A printhead processes print information, aligns itself with the material, and applies ink and/or heat to create the perfect print. As this is the most important and expensive element to the printer, it makes sense to manage it accordingly. One way to do that is by extending the life of your printhead, but that won’t always be enough. That’s why at AB&R® we offer printhead protection to keep you printing without disruption. As long as you are using AB&R® certified label supplies that are matched for your printer, you’ll get replacement printheads at no extra charge!
Benefits of Printhead Protection

Eliminate downtime due to inconsistent print quality, reprints or scannability issues, and increase productivity by using supplies that match your printer.
No unpredictable Printhead replacement costs.
The convenience of a one-source supplier.
Benefit from a lower cost of operation and ownership.

Enrollment is Easy!
Simply fill out a Printhead Protection Enrollment Form with one of our printing experts, and start ordering your supplies. The agreement will automatically be renewed every year as long as you continue to purchase supplies through AB&R®.


*Program restrictions apply.

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