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What is a pilot?
In the pilot phase, we take the data we gathered from stage one, the site survey and comprehensive SDS to select the best software and technology to use for our pilot and proof-of-concept phase. The pilot phase is essentially a small-scale implementation where our engineers start placing equipment around your facility. Once the equipment is set, we start testing our solution to gather more data and insights into the project.

The importance of a pilot
Piloting a solution is important for several reasons, the largest being the success of the project. Pilots can narrow down specific bottlenecks or preliminary problems early on. By pinpointing potential problem areas in the pilot phase, it allows the engineers and architects to make necessary adjustments promptly before implementing the solution at scale. Pilots are helpful to validate requirements and even test to push the limits of the solution to its breaking point, allowing your company to understand any possible limitations in the future. If your company has regulations, compliance standards, or legal commitments that need to be documented, pilots are a great way to determine pass/fail within your actual working environment and specific processes.

What others are saying
Don’t just take our word for our Solution Process. Below are a few quotes and success stories from current customers we helped, and it all started with a site survey.

For example, our Solution Process recently allowed a major medical company to meet UDI label compliance, which is a requirement for them to operate their business.

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“The tracking system installation from AB&R was fast, efficient, and accurate. What previously was a four-week manual process is now completed in 3-days.”

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“One Time Delivery For Less is the cornerstone of all OnTrac services and these changes (from AB&R®) will ensure that performance continues on the OnTrac standard.”

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