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“The AB&R® solution gives us tracking, but it’s hands-off as well. There’s no impact on employee processes whatsoever”.

-Federico A., IT Operations Manager, NTT Multimedia Lab

NTT Multimedia Communications Laboratories, Inc (NTT MCL) was founded as a division of NTT America in 1996, and incorporated in 1998 by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT).  NTT is a leading global provider of telecommunications services, to pursue the commercialization of advanced technologies that would leverage NTT’s expertise in multimedia communications. Since then, NTT MCL has evolved into being the only overseas advanced research and development arm of NTT Communications.
NTT MCL needed a system to unobtrusively monitor and track IT assets as they moved into and out of their facility.  The solution had to be able to support internal asset inventory systems, provide control over the duration assets are allowed to be offsite, and generate real-time alerts if specific assets went offsite.

NTT MCL’s IT department oversees nearly 100 laptops and other mobile assets at NTT MCL’s San Mateo location. The assets are individually assigned to employees based on roles, projects, and locations. As a result the asset tracking system had to be able to track asset properties and attributes such as make, model, serial number, and inventory number.
End-to-End Integrated Solution

After evaluating available solutions NTT MCL selected the Asset Tracking solution utilizing RFID sensor technologies from Impinj and Omni-ID. The appliance-based OMNITROL Asset Tracking solution used Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID readers with circularly polarized antennas deployed at the facility entrance/exits. The RFID readers are managed directly by the OMNITROL appliance running the OMNITROL Asset Visibility Edgelet, which implements sophisticated status, presence, identification and directionality algorithms to determine what asset is moving where, with a very high degree of reliability.


Quick deployment
Immediate visibility
Rapid ROI
Contactless solution
Increase labor productivity
Increase asset and tool utilization
Reduce capital costs
Protect confidentiality on critical assets
Reduce labor cost
Increase operational efficiency
Eliminate waste of time locating assets
On-time assets maintenance
Cost elective with corporate wide incrementally scalability

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