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Monitoring & Alerts with RFID Sensors

Cold Chain Monitoring
There are many items which require careful temperature control during shipment. Examples include medical vaccines which must be kept at 35-46° Fahrenheit during shipment. Another example is perishable produce which must be kept below 4° C during shipment. A wireless sensor tag can track temperature and humidity from factory to warehouse, alerting if significant threshold violations are noted.
Environmental Monitoring
Technology can be used for different types of sensor readings including air temperature, location, and ambient light. Agricultural operators can use this data to conserve water resources and to estimate crop yields.
Structural Monitoring
For the safety of highway bridges, it’s required they undergo frequent inspections to avoid disasters. Strain monitoring has been carried out using strain sensors based on measuring the resistance changes in stretched sensing elements.
Pipeline Monitoring
Water, Oil, and gas pipelines running over land and underground need to be measured frequently to manage the pressure and fluid velocity. Sensors can be positioned to measure pipe corrosion and contamination buildup. Surface mounted sensors can also determine leak localization faster to save time and money.
Asset Management
Museums and art galleries use wireless sensors to monitor temperature and humidity to maintain the integrity and quality of the piece. Tags can be monitored for movement, shock, and vibration alerting in real-time for fast responses.
Real-Time Location Systems
Sensors and tags can be configured as Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Options include measuring tag to tag received signal strength, tag to tag time of flight, Wi-Fi signal strength, and GPS. Common applications include locating vehicles in outdoor lots, locating equipment in the yard, locating building materials on sites, and locating high-value tools and test equipment in large corporations.
Fire and Rescue
Sensor tags can be used to provide personnel location and status updates even if a rescuer is unconscious or overcome with fumes.


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