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RFID Asset Management and Inventory Tracking
In accordance with a survey of warehouse managers, the demands for warehouse efficiency are on the rise. Consumers, amid the down economy, are demanding better prices, while the warehouses must learn to become more efficient with less, while becoming more flexible. The majority are leaning on technology to help make these changes.

Generally, RFID tags are used on more expensive items and barcodes are used on inventory. Asset Management occurs in manufacturing or in the office typically with items that are used by the company to keep processes running, and inventory tracking occurs in the warehouse with the actual goods being moved.

Real-Time Data with RFID Systems; Tags, readers, portals
Throughout the supply chain, asset management becomes less easily applicable and inventory tracking is utilized more. Using an RFID system for inventory tracking requires an infrastructure of readers and the RFID tags on every item of inventory. The benefits of using RFID for inventory tracking include tracking goods in real-time, more than 99.5% inventory accuracy, counts 10x more efficient than barcodes*, and reductions in operational costs.

In the case that a company’s goods, even the wholesale level, are highly valued and profitable enough to put RFID tags on them, RFID is a great solution. For example, RFID reader systems allow you to print RFID tags for pallets to correspond to tagged inventory locations for 100% accuracy of pallet placement in the warehouse. In terms of loading and unloading pallets, RFID portals can be placed at dock door locations to signal alerts if and when the wrong pallets are being loaded in an incorrect order or in the wrong location. This allows for an increase in efficiency and decrease in shipments that have errors. There will be a shorter transition between the warehouse and distribution to the consumer, ultimately yielding a more efficient business model.
Summary of Benefits using RFID in Warehouse & Distribution Processes:

Reduction of distribution costs
Increased accuracy
Acceleration of the speed of delivery
Improvements in efficiency
Reduction or elimination of paperwork
Increased customer satisfaction

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