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Why Asset Tracking is critical

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Secure WiFi as a Service

Keep your wireless network secure Is your wireless network safe from hackers? Is business or customer data secure from theft? Most people don’t realize how vulnerable their network is…even if it’s protected by a password. The reality is – any guest wireless network or router you bought from the retail store brings potential security risks. And this puts you at risk.

Normally you would have to spend thousands of dollars to ensure your network is secure. But we would like to offer you an alternative – let us keep your network secure while you focus on your business.

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We Offer Repair & Service

Your equipment can often be repaired faster than sending to the manufacturer

AB&R’s professionally trained, manufacturer-certified service team provides our customers the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your system is backed by the best and brightest in the industry.

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Why asset tracking is critical to your business

Improve efficiency and productivity: Asset Tracking is key to business and at the most basic level, knowing exactly what you have and where it is. There are a lot of pieces to asset tracking, whether it’s compliance, maximizing the investment you made or from an accounting side.

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Should you get a printer service plan?

Service plans can save you money You may think that sticking with the printer manufacturer’s warranty, rather than purchasing a service plan will give you the coverage you need. After all, your new printer was an expensive investment. But in most cases it is best to purchase a service plan that will cover the things your warranty doesn’t.

If you have a problem with your printer and send it back to the manufacturer for warranty service and they determine it isn’t defective, then you are also on the hook for the shipping and handling charges along with the cost of your downtime.

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Rugged Mobile Solutions from OtterBox

Industrial strength consumer grade devices:Partnering with OtterBox allows AB&R to provide best in class employee mobility solutions to their customers. As Consumer hardware and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends continue to grow in organizations both large and small – ensuring the devices can survive and thrive in the business environment is more important than ever.

With OtterBox’s world renowned rugged cases for consumer devices, AB&R can ensure custom success no matter what device they choose.

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