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Is Your School’s Wi-Fi Failing to Make the Grade?

Build an Ideal Wireless Campus to Meet Any Demand

Delivering best-in-class Wi-Fi™ wireless network doesn’t have to be a struggle and doesn’t have to break your school’s IT budget. At AB&R (American Barcode and RFID), we deliver high-performance and reliable wireless connectivity for private schools—at a price designed to meet rapidly growing technology needs at an affordable cost.

With our next generation Wireless LAN from Zebra Technologies, you can build the ideal wireless campus and enjoy uninterrupted, campus-wide service with unbeatable reliability, connectivity, and data security. Using the latest wireless technology, we provide an intelligent, self-optimizing, and self-healing network that avoids the headaches of network slowdowns, disconnects, and service outages while it delivers world-class wireless performance across all computers and mobile devices.

And, with an ultra-fast and zero-touch installation process, your wireless network can be up and running in no time, at up to 50% lower cost than other solutions.

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 Admin IconSchool Administrators:

“Building the Ideal Wireless Campus”

Learn how the latest, next generation technologies can transform your private school into an ideal wireless campus.

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IT iconSchool IT Staff:

“Next Generation WLAN Technology for School Networks”

Find out more about the technological advantages of WiNG WLAN, including features, technical specs, and benefits for your private school.

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WiNG Wireless LAN

Key Benefits for Private Schools

* Based on comparison of WiNG WLAN against the nearest competitor

Record-setting Wireless Performance

WiNG WLAN from Zebra Technologies holds the official Guinness Book of World Records mark with 84 simultaneous video streams delivered through a single wireless access point!

Powerful Business-class Wireless: Simplified and Priced for Private Schools

WiNG Express is a powerful, enterprise-class WLAN operating system with intelligent, self-optimizing and self-healing access points, all wrapped in a simple and easy-to-understand graphical user interface. This makes managing your school’s wireless network easy, with no specialized knowledge or extensive IT resources required. Installation is fast and easy with zero-touch deployment. Just power up your access points and they will be discovered automatically and provisioned with your pre-defined configurations!

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At AB&R, we’ve been serving schools and businesses for 35 years, delivering the latest technology solutions and insights to meet the ever-growing needs for greater connectivity, mobility, and cost-effectiveness. In partnership with Zebra, a world leader in wireless networking, RFID tracking, and ID card printing, we’d like to offer you free expert consultation to help you assess your technology needs and evaluate the best options to help you build the ideal wireless campus.[hr]

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