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Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless Infrastructure delivers proven, full-featured, best-in-class wireless LAN solutions for far less capital and day-to-day operational costs.  Many of our standard features include functionality such as mesh, clustering, and locationing/RFID engines.  Our implementation, operation and advanced troubleshooting services further reduce support costs by eliminating up to 70 percent of on-site repair.

Wireless Network Reliability

Because your wireless network enables critical business communications, AB&R provides wireless connectivity that is just as dependable as your wired connection.  Our wireless LAN solutions typically involve the use of adaptive APs that intelligently adapt to the ever-changing RF environment automatically routing traffic around failures to ensure uninterrupted access.  Our use of Motorola’s SMART RF technology automatically adjusts power and channels as needed to maintain a high quality and consistent connection.

Gap-free Wireless Security

You can count on AB&R to keep your network resources and your data secure every minute of every day.  Our wireless security features include an integrated role-based wired and wireless firewall, AAA Radius Server, VPN, and Motorola’s AirDefense best-in-class wireless IPS, so you are assured of FIPS and EAL-validated around the clock security for PCI, SOX and HIPAA compliance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]