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Types of Mobile Computers & Mobile Devices

Rugged Mobile Services

Whether you’re transitioning to touchscreen capabilities or you’re key-dependent due to the nature of your business, the Honeywell Dolphin™ CN80 handheld computer can help you improve the speed and accuracy of operations while
The Honeywell CN75 and CN75e mobile computers offer the versatility customers demand, providing the choice of a Windows® or Android™ operating system on a single device to meet changing enterprise business demands. The
The Dolphin CT50 is an advanced enterprise-ready 4G/LTE mobile computer. With support for either Windows® or Android™ operating systems, the CT50 targets highly mobile frontline employees in scan-intensive workflows such as
The rugged Dolphin CT60 is ideal for enterprises requiring anywhere, anytime connectivity and fast data capture for maximum uptime and productivity. Built on the Mobility Edge™ platform, it features an integrated, scalable approach
CT45/CT45 XP
The CT45/CT45 XP Mobile Computers are a rugged, all-purpose productivity tool designed to connect your frontline workers and equip them with on-demand data and reliable performance. The CT45/CT45 XP lay the foundation for
You’re running a small business. And that means there’s so much to do…and so little time. Now, there’s a new small business tool that will help you do more — in less time. The TC20 mobile computer puts all the features you
The TC70 Touch Computer is ready for the demands of everyday life in the business world. Give your employees the tools they need to work faster and smarter. The rugged design holds up even in the most demanding environments and the
The TC72/TC77 Series Touch Computer is designed to elevate your customer service by enabling your employees to perform at their peak. With the ruggedness for your environment and a familiar smartphone interface for your employees, the
The CT30 XP Enterprise Mobile Computer is an all-purpose, ergonomic, and rugged business tool, providing frontline mobile workers with ultra-reliable data access and communications. Based on the Mobility Edge Platform, the CT30 XP is
Your field workforce needs a TC75 rugged touch computer to access the people and information required to maximize efficiency and better serve your customers. You want to give them an enterprise-class handheld built for life out in the
The EC50 WiFi and EC55 WiFi/cellular enterprise mobile computers are Zebra’s thinnest and lightest mobile computers yet. Designed to be individually assigned, the EC50/EC55 is always ready to work, whether your workers are inside
Pave the way for innovation with the TC5x Series Mobile Computers, Zebra’s latest installment of their best-selling mobile computer line. With this device, there’s no need to sacrifice portability for functionality. Designed to
Meet the TC53 and TC58 – the first members of Zebra’s latest mobile computer generation designed to do more. From better sensor technology to new hardware, these mobile computers unlock a new world of possibilities and

Mobile Computers

Did you know that industry studies show that the average distribution center loses 3,000 hours in unproductive time per year? Imagine if you could optimize worker productivity and get those lost hours back. The CK65 mobile computer
The Honeywell CK75 is a no-compromise ultra-rugged mobile computer that runs on either Windows® or Android™ operating systems. This powerhouse not only packs a punch in processing power but also is the smallest and lightest device
Redefine productivity and reliability with the MC3200 mobile computer, the next generation in the class-leading MC3000 Series, now with more options to meet your needs. Choose the right operating system for your business –
You are handling and shipping more orders every day, faster than ever. Stay on task with the MC9300, Zebra’s latest mobile computer in its industry-leading MC9000 Series. The MC9300 features optional front and back cameras for
The latest addition to the revolutionary TC8000 line, the TC8300’s ergonomic design minimizes motion to deliver a 14% boost in worker productivity. Leveraging the latest in WiFi and Bluetooth technology coupled with ultimate
The MC3390xR UHF RFID Reader brings a new level of efficiency to inventory management, order fulfillment, and more. Enjoy the familiarity of the Zebra MC3300R family, now with the latest Android architecture. Equipped with a

Wearable Mobile Computers & Scanners

When it comes to enabling speech-driven applications and voice communications in warehouses, manufacturing plants and outdoor yards, you need a headset that is specially designed for the job. The HS3100 Bluetooth and HS2100 corded
The Zebra WT6000 is an Android enabled wearable computer that sets a new standard for enterprise-class wear-ability. It’s smaller and lighter than other wearable computers on the market. With the incredible new mounting system, the
The ergonomic wearable scanner. MARK 2 can be connected to other devices such as tablets, smartwatches or wearable terminals via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Originally designed to address scanning needs in the BMW manufacturing
The ergonomic wearable scanner with a screen. MARK Display provides workers with a more efficient way of streamlining information between devices, scanners, and different systems. This lightweight durable scanner will enhance picking,
The 8680i Wearable Mini Mobile Computer is our most advanced compact, ergonomic, high-performance Bluetooth®-wearable scanning solution worn on one hand and designed to help businesses streamline high-volume workflows such as
When your operations require the strength of a rugged scanner but the flexibility of a mobile one, the Honeywell 8675i Rugged Compact Wearable Scanner provides unparalleled scanning productivity in a compact, rugged build. Designed
The RS5100 sets a new standard for single-finger rugged Bluetooth ring scanners. Workers get featherweight comfort, maximum ease-of-use, plus reliable point-and-shoot scanning on every barcode. The RS5100’s rugged design is built
When you put the small and lightweight RS4000 1D ring scanner on the fingers of workers who are using Zebra’s WT6000 wearable mobile computer, your workers are free to keep their hands and eyes on the items they are handling. The
When you pair your Zebra wearable or handheld mobile computers with Zebra’s RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner, you give your workers the superior technology they need to take productivity to the next level. You get our most rugged

Fixed/Mounted Mobile Computer Devices

Designed for use in the toughest distribution center environments, manufacturing facilities and freight operations, the Honeywell Thor VM3 is the industry’s most capable full-size vehicle-mounted mobile computer, delivering
The Android™-based Thor™ VM1A combines all of the easy-to-use , easy-to-maintain features of the popular Thor VM1 and CV41 models, with all the advantages of Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform to help accelerate provisioning
The VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer enables an easy and cost-effective transition from Windows OS to Android. Designed for extreme conditions, the VC8300 follows you wherever your operations take you, from the loading docks to the